Relax by the open fire in our private spa and choose from cedar, argan, ylang ylang and ginger oils for a deep tissue, re-energising, hot stone or relaxing massage.

45 minutes—690 MAD (~€60)
60 minutes—790 MAD (~€70)

This massage is in-between tonifying and relaxing. It incorporates traditional Moroccan techniques with ancient Thai methods to ensure optimal circulation and muscle tone while reducing muscular stiffness and body tension.

45 minutes—550 MAD (~€50)
60 minutes—730 MAD (~€65)

This treatment completely relaxes body and mind by targeting specific energy points throughout the body releasing all tension whilst ensuring a feeling of total well being. Precious Moroccan oils are the key ingredients in this pampering experience.

60 minutes—900 MAD (~€80)

Perfect for the winter season. Mme. Coco will use smooth, heated stones to massage your body. A treatment that relaxes muscles while draining toxins in the lymphatic system. Ideal for those wishing to reduce muscular and nervous tension. These volcanic and marine stones are rich in minerals which penetrate your body whilst creating a warm, heavenly soothing sensation!

25 minutes—350 MAD (~€30)

A manual therapy method based on the principle of simply applying pressure to a particular point on the feet to create an indirect effect on a specific body organ. This ensures that the chosen organ finds a point of balance, which increases favourable conditions for optimizing its wellness.

Each session—900 MAD (~€80)

This massage eliminates water retention and toxins which reduces cellulite, stimulates circulation and increases metabolism. Using natural marine algae based products, a full body mask is applied which, in conjunction with a thermal blanket, ensures the opening of pores to create maximum absorption. This is followed by a firm massage to promote circulation and reduce retention in those areas where fat and cellulite are stored. Results can be seen after 3 sessions.